Set of 2 Mix & Match Knit Headbands


Set of 2 Cable Knit Headbands w/removable bow- 4pcs

These lovely Mix & Match Cable Knit Headbands are a winter staple. Each set comes with two cable knit headbands and two interchangeable bows. Since you can wear each set 6 different ways you won't have any trouble matching these to your perfect winter outfit. Wear the headbands without the bow for a simple chic look or wear with the bows to complete that feminine snow bunny look!

  • 4 pcs total
  • 2 headbands
  • 2 interchangeable bows
  • Wear 6 Different Ways Per set!
  • Interchangeable Bows
  • Wear with or without the bow
  • Switch Bow Colors

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